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3 Ways to Increase Revenue With Personal Training

Posted by Kevin Talley on Nov 17, 2016 11:06:23 AM

Increase PT sales with health club software

If you’re looking to increase your club’s revenue, pursuing new leads may seem like the quickest way. However, your current members can be easier to tap and provide a reliable revenue source. Unlike new leads, you don’t have to ‘sell’ your club to members, they’ve already acknowledged the value your business provides them by purchasing a membership. Deepen your club’s relationship with these members, while enhancing their overall experience, through personal training (PT) and group training.

Here are three ways to jumpstart your PT and group training sales:

1) New Member Orientations

Orientations are a great opportunity for trainers or instructors to learn a new member’s fitness goals, discuss PT and group training programs, and set the member up for a successful and lasting relationship with your club. Every membership sold without booking an orientation is money left on the table. It’s extremely important to have a system in place that tracks members who have attended and not attended an orientation. Keeping track of this information allows you to follow-up with incentives, reminders, or simply just to start a conversation about your PT or group class offerings. 

2) Never Stop Selling

Simple communication can enhance your club’s relationship with members that are already enrolled in PT or group classes. If a PT or group training client’s agreement is about to expire, use it as an opportunity to upsell and cross-sell. Schedule a follow-up reminder that gets members interested in continuing with their agreement or even purchasing more than before! They’ve already made PT a part of their life; make it as easy as possible to renew their agreement and avoid a disruption in training.

Health Club PT Sales


3) Intensify Client Relationships by Empowering Your Trainers

An awesome cross-sell opportunity is helping members take their fitness journey to the next level by adding PT in addition to group training. Your trainers have already built great relationships in group training classes. Make sure they’re reaching out to these members about PT opportunities. Building upon their relationship and experience, trainers can deliver specialized PT training to enhance and accelerate a member’s fitness progress.  


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