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Month Two: A Workout For Everyone

Posted by Robert Koehler on Jun 7, 2021 1:57:40 PM


When members and prospects walk into your gym, they come through the doors with a myriad of fitness goals. Some might be fitness novices, entering the gym for the first time in their lives; others might be searching for a new gym where they can continue the fitness practice that has been a necessity in their daily routine for years. No matter where your members are along their fitness journey, it’s your responsibility to meet them halfway and provide them with new and exciting ideas to keep their workout fresh.  


Throughout our series, we will be providing you with fantastic supplemental content and customizable prospect tools which will serve as a great way to build your email list, and drive top of funnel leads. Giving prospects information that can improve their workouts will help you engage them in your mailing list, build trust, and assist you with providing them personalized offers down the line to continue the membership process. Beginner gym-goers might be looking for advice about trying out a piece of cardio equipment on their first, daunting day, while advanced gym gurus might be looking for a new exercise or movement to add into their existing regimen. For members and prospects alike, customized Fitness Guides are a great way to make them to feel welcome and show that you’re dedicated to providing constant reinforcement and guidance to help them as they work towards their goals — whatever those may be.  



The Perfect Tool for Prospecting 

  • Members aren’t the only ones who can benefit from your club’s workout guides. With tons of gyms to choose from, prospects are always looking for that special personalized touch that makes your gym stand out from the one they just toured last week. By offering these guides to prospects, you will show you’re dedicated to their fitness journey on day one, that your team goes the extra mile to ensure they get the most from their workouts.
  • Looking for more leads? Customized fitness guides from your club are the perfect tool for getting more leads through the funnel. Gate your customized workouts online with a form, so prospects give you their information before downloading the guide. Your sales team will be happy with all the new leads they have to work with, and you’ll be putting more material out into the world advertising all the benefits your club has to offer.

Fitness Guides That “Fit” Everyone 

  • There are countless different guides you could create by focusing on different body parts or types of movement for certain days. Sometimes, you can craft the perfect guide to make them relevant to upcoming seasons. A glute or ab guide are perfect ideas moving into the warmer months when people are preparing to show off their hard work in swimwear!
  • Get creative with your titles, and make sure there are different options to balance the entire body — we all know not to skip leg day! “On the Reach for a Better Peach!” might work perfectly for a glutes guide, and “Fit to the Core” is a clever idea for those looking for washboard abs. Get specific with your guides by providing beginners groundwork for leg day, the perfect kickstart for shoulder work, or a guide for maintaining the perfect pecs.
  • Since there are so many ways to do this, you can decide how often you want to publish new guides for your members. Depending on your staff, design, and time capabilities, you could put out guides weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly — choose a schedule based on your club’s goals.

Great Way to Involve Staff  

  • Since these guides will provide framework for your members’ workout routines, get your personal trainers involved in designing some workouts! This will allow them to flex their creative muscles (all the puns intended) in designing a customized workout, build up their professional street cred, and even get free advertising to build up their client roster!
  • Group Fitness Trainers also can join the fun and design some workouts that correspond with their classes. This will also help drive awareness and revenue to your group fitness offerings, helping members find new classes to add to their routine.  

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