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So... Sell Less. Do More?

Posted by Calley Belcher on Apr 4, 2017 12:08:53 PM



On April 1st, we released a guide called “Sell Less. Do More: How to Keep Doing Unnecessary Work.” Of course, selling less while doing more work shouldn't be the goal of any gym or fitness business. Surprise, it was an April Fools joke! However, it does highlight some important aspects of running a fitness business that we know can sometimes seem normal, or part of the job, when really many of these "normal" tasks are just time-wasters and should be automated. Below, we will review each of the sections from our "Sell Less. Do More." guide in order to better explain what messages we were really trying to get across.

Jellyfish-Eye View

We understand how overwhelming it can be to not only organize your business’s data, but also have it displayed in such a way that aligns with your goals. That is why having a “Bird's-Eye View” of your most important revenue-generating data makes sense. Having a targeted, upper-level view of all of your most important data like daily sales, follow-ups, check-ins, and more allows you to spot positive or negative trends, and adjust accordingly. Something we like to say around the office is, "Don't guess. Know (using data)."

The “Sticky Note Follow-Up System”

Although sticky notes are fun and add a colorful look to your front desk, they aren’t really beneficial in terms of keeping up with prospects. We have seen too many leads lost or contacted incorrectly because of misplaced paper, miscommunications, and bad handwriting. Quickly using sticky notes can save time in the moment, but having some sort of schedule for your follow-ups and enabling reminders for each lead will save you a ton of headaches down the line. Every lead that comes in your door, or submits an online form, is a viable sale, and when one, two, or even three get lost in a month, that is potential revenue going down the drain.

Paper & Clipboard Waivers

Speaking of bad handwriting… how many times has a lead filled out your paper form and they said their name was Susan but their handwriting shows their name is JimYiPS? (Or some other distorted spelling.) This happens all too often in even the most organized gyms and studios. Also, why waste time reentering that same information back into your system? Let the prospect do the data entry for you. We recommend an iPad or computer waiver that will automatically transfer all of your lead information into an easy to read follow-up schedule. (Speaking of, we are giving away a FREE iPad Kiosk stand to make capturing leads information easy and give your gym or studio a sleek look, click here to enter! Giveaway ends April 14th.)

Dialin’ Blind

Gone are the good ole’ days when leads loved to get the same phone call three times in one day! (Was that ever actually the case? Probably not, but it happens.) Nowadays prospects would rather get one call, maybe an email later down the line, and a follow-up text. When a gym or studio isn’t logging calls, the chances are really high that they will call a prospect twice, or accidentally not call them at all. Again, this could potentially affect your bottom line more than you realize.


We hope you enjoyed our fun April Fools Day "guide" experiment and that it highlighted some of the ways in which you could not only be saving time, but generating more revenue for your gym or studio. Of course, we recommend using Club OS to achieve these time-saving and revenue-generating goals. To find out more about how Club OS can help, just click below.


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