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Gym Marketing Case Study: How World Gym Tucson Partnered with Club OS/ASF to Enroll over 1200 New Members Before their Grand Opening

Posted by Club OS on Dec 19, 2023 7:14:35 AM

ClubOS | Customer quote about ASF and Club OS elevating their operations and salesWorld Gym Tucson is one of the newest locationsto join the World Gym network and recently hosted its grand opening in Tucson, Arizona.   World Gym (Tucson) partnered with the Club OS/ASF team to form a strategic plan around how to use our integrated software solution to maximize revenue and drive member enrollment before they even opened doors to the public.  

Through a highly proactive approach, Club OS/ASF was onsite to support and train World Gym Tucson's staff during the 90-day presale period and beyond, leading to over 1,000+ new member signups within 30 days and a seamless grand opening.

Read the full World Gym Tucson Case Study here.

Driving 1000+ New Members Before Their Doors Even Opened:

During the 90 days prior to the club’s opening, Club OS/ASF provided a red-carpet experience by collaborating on World Gym Tucson's grand opening strategy and providing comprehensive, onsite training to ensure the gym's staff could use our software effectively. This led them to crush their grand opening goals and achieve a seamless grand opening for their new site.

World Gym Tucson utilized Club OS/ASF to run pre-sale marketing campaigns that would help them achieve and exceed their membership targets within the first 30 days. Staff were also trained comprehensively around our member management and payment processing tools to ensure that all new gym members had a remarkable gym experience from start to finish.

World Gym's personal trainers also found the Club OS/ASF platform ideal for scheduling and managing client communication, allowing them to focus on selling more memberships, improving their member experience and creating training plans instead of devoting their time to manual or administrative tasks that our all-in-one solution could automate for them.

Software Implementation, Onboarding, Training and Launch in 90 Days
or Less:

Happy gym members in workout class

The in-person training provided by the Club OS/ASF team allowed for seamless onboarding of all staff members. Our dedicated Customer Success team was onsite at World Gym Tucson for over a week to provide more in-depth training to the entire team and collaborate on a blueprint for their successful launch.  

This, paired with the software's user-friendly interface and intuitive features, made it simple for staff to quickly get up and running. 

"Being that this was my first time opening a gym, I leaned heavily on my franchisor and their strategic partners. The most important one being our software provider, and both teams, ASF and Club OS were phenomenal in their proactive approach, support, and training.  They really did a great job in helping us get set up, staying on track and training the staff here.  Their teams went above and beyond and continue to provide excellent service and support.  We wouldn't be experiencing this early success without them."
- Phillip Krausch, President of World Gym Tucson

The support from the Club OS/ASF team did not end after the grand opening. They continued to provide ongoing support to World Gym Tucson, meeting with the gym's leadership team multiple times per week to address any questions or troubleshoot issues that arose as they navigate owning and operating a new location. This unwavering support played a crucial role in the gym's early success.  

World Gym Tucson: A Success Story

By harnessing the potential of marketing automation for highly impactful text and email campaigns and joining forces with Club OS/ASF for early education and support, World Gym Tucson has achieved exceptional success in the fitness industry during both the pre-sale and grand opening phases.  

As a premier fitness club, World Gym Tucson exceeded their membership goals, amplified their already robust collection rate, and crafted a smooth experience for staff, certified personal trainers, and members alike. This cements World Gym's position as a leading fitness training provider with a growing gym membership and industry-leading customer experience, setting a new benchmark for gym owners, health clubs and fitness studios. 

Opening a New Fitness Business Location? Let Club OS/ASF Do the Heavy Lifting For You  

Club OS/ASF's dedication to ongoing support and enhancement ensures that fitness studios, gyms and other health clubs will continue to prosper and expand in their respective communities.  

Club OS/ASF's on-site training and education—combined with an integrated software solution that can handle everything from lead acquisition, customer management, automated marketing and more—has proven to be a transformative partnership for World Gym and hundreds of other leading fitness businesses and franchises. 

To learn more about how Club OS/ASF's integrated gym management software will grow your membership base, streamline your business operations and generate more revenue, book your demo with our team today. 



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