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Customer Spotlight: How Fit Factory is Using Club OS to Boost Member Acquisition

Posted by Club OS on Jul 5, 2022 4:25:39 PM

With so many gyms, studios, and other fitness services available in person and online, new member acquisition can be a challenge for your fitness business. At Club OS, we offer a collection of tools to help you convert more prospects with less work, but we know it’s not always easy to see how those tools can be used in your own gym. So, we thought showing you what our software looks like in the hands of one of our most successful customers could inspire you in how to use it in your own strategy.  

Without further ado, meet Fit Factory—a Club OS club that’s killing it in memberships, group classes, personal training, and more! 

 Getting to Know Fit Factory 

Fit Factory is a full-service health club with locations in Massachusetts and Texas. With thousands of square feet of luxury amenities and a variety of elite fitness services, they’re much more than your average gym. Here are some of the programs they offer to help members meet their goals: 

Along with a suite of fitness classes and training programs, Fit Factory goes the extra mile to provide other wellness services too. Many locations offer saunas, steam rooms, tanning, nutrition guidance, and even babysitting for their members. 

Anyone looking for a gym where you can be part of a community that’s fun, supportive, motivating, and goal-oriented is sure to feel right at home at Fit Factory. 

Introducing Brandon Bairos 

Our Club OS marketing manager, Mark Fletcher, was lucky enough to be able to sit down with Fit Factory’s Director of Operations, Brandon Bairos, to learn more about how their business harnesses the power of Club OS. Brandon has been with Fit Factory for over seven years, advancing from Personal Training Director to Program Sales and Operations Director, and now Director of Operations. 

Below we’ve highlighted some of the most insightful parts of our interview that shed light on how Fit Factory grows and nurtures their membership base. 

Could you tell us a little bit about how long you’ve been with Club OS and what turned you on to the software? 

I think we signed on with Club OS four years ago. As we started scaling, we started to get more aggressive on the sales side of things. We needed some better lead flow and communication, and a better way to manage club-level sales at a regional level. That was a big part of it. With having our salespeople in each club fully focused on lead generation and conversion, we needed the regionals to be able to manage that and ensure that all the contacts were being made on a daily basis.   

So I understood why we signed on to Club OS. We had a different software before and that wasn't really what they were known for. They were a CRM, but it wasn't really great. 


In your opinion, when you first started learning Club OS as a personal trainer, what was your initial reaction to the top-down saying, “Hey, we're going to use this new CRM tool. We need you guys to adopt it.”? Were you excited about it? Did you find it helpful?  

Yeah. I was a fitness director overseeing personal training in the clubs, and then I got promoted into a regional role where I started to get more involved in club operations. Luckily Club OS was already there when I signed on and was very simple. That was my favorite part about it. The interface is pretty easy for somebody that doesn't have much training in it. You can see where your lead follow-ups are right then and there, and easily email or text them with the click of two buttons. 

I also like some of the reporting that you can access with the calls and texts going out on that day. And you can have a leaderboard as well that compares your location to the other clubs. That was my first experience using Club OS. And I was like, yeah, this is pretty cool. 

We've had some customers say that their member lifecycle or member retention has increased. Are there any measurable results that you have seen as a result of using Club OS?   

Conversion rates, yes. I'll start with our Texas locations. We opened our Texas locations almost three years ago. At first, we didn't have Club OS up and running and our conversion rates were around 40-45% from prospects to members. Since we rolled out Club OS, they jumped right up to 60-65%. 

What features within Club OS do you find have the most impact on your business in helping you reach your objectives of scaling or optimizing the customer experience? 

I would probably say the web lead and lead outreach for prospects more than anything. The [personal training features] I can't say enough about yet because we just had our onboarding call two days ago, but I'm ecstatic about it because one of our challenges with seven locations is ensuring our sales guys put in the time and the effort on the calls and the texts to leads. So, once we roll that out, that'll be nice. That'll make things a little bit easier for the personal training regional manager.   

But club side, it's the prospect outreach. That's pretty simple. We can easily see when our conversion rates are down and that's when we're not making the touchpoints on the prospects that we should be.   

Is there any particular Club OS feature that you feel like you couldn’t live without and use every day or every week? 

The dashboard is great—that's really helpful. That is something that I check regularly. I mean, everything that we do on the marketing end for drip campaigns and [other marketing campaigns] is centered around Club OS. Without that, I think we would not be converting as well as we are, that's for sure.   

But for myself and my team, [who are more] on the operation side, the automated cadences, texts, emails, and being able to easily set up and update our scripts has been super helpful and easy. I would definitely lose sleep if all of our salespeople were just putting their own spin on everything and lacking consistency across the club. So having that ability to easily go in and change our cadence or our script a little bit at the club level is very helpful. 

Key Takeaways: The Importance of Streamlined Communication & Visible Club Reporting 

By focusing more on communication with leads and refining their outreach process, Fit Factory has been able to increase their conversions and grow their membership base—without increasing their workload. Automated text and email scripts and cadences have made it easy for Brandon and his team to stay on top of every new prospect who moves through their funnel. 

Tracking these communication efforts also allows them to clearly see gaps in follow-ups and correct them before a lead is lost. The result? More effective marketing campaigns, more consistent communication, and more members gained. 

Achieve Fit Factory-Level Success When You Partner with Club OS 

Brandon and the Fit Factory team are gaining new members and more profits by working smarter, not harder—and you can too. Club OS sales engagement and marketing automation features can put you on the path to success while making your operations smoother and simpler. 

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