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Club OS Helps Gyms of All Sizes Acquire More Members

Posted by Club OS on Jan 15, 2024 6:56:09 AM

Club OS simplifies the marketing and sales process for gyms while maximizing conversations through the member journey, leading to better lead conversion

For gyms and fitness studios, getting new members is no easy task. Public interest, the act of signing up, and payment processing all represent omnipresent hurdles keeping fitness businesses from acquiring new customers. However,
Club OS knows how to help its customers clear these challenges in one leap.Acquired by  EverCommerce  in 2017, it works as a bridge between prospective gym members and gyms themselves. Powered by sales and marketing automation, Club OS provides the software gyms need to sell more memberships and keep their current members from jumping ship. 

Acquire More Members

Headshot of David Canter, Club OS Head of RevenueClub OS  simplifies the marketing and sales process while maximizing conversations through the member journey. With comprehensive and flexible solutions for every consumer touchpoint, they provide the right product integrations to help improve any area of your business.    David Canter (Head of Revenue, Club OS), a 25-year industry veteran who worked during the fitness industry’s foundational era, now believes he’s moving beyond the 21st century with Club OS.  

“Our products tell your full business story,” Canter said. “When I joined this industry, there was a lot of paper, a lot of phone books — absolutely no accountability or tracking mechanisms. Fast forward 25 years, everything we’re doing is intelligent, it’s smart, it’s integrated.” Bringing leads through involves Facebook Ads integration, referral programs, or guest waivers. Club OS then efficiently organizes that data for its customers.

“When you get a lead, this is your one opportunity to talk to this individual at a specific time when they’re interested in a membership and bring them through as a member,” Canter said. “We’re targeting individuals smartly and  communicating with them in their preferred way.”  

It’s a comprehensive way to be efficient, to be smart, and to communicate in a way that makes sense for this day and age. It allows us to avoid spending a lot of money, but see a high return on investment,” he added. 

Solutions for Fitness Brands Big & Small

Club OS does not discriminate on size when it comes to working with its customers. The software adjusts to different levels, operating across large franchises with 50 locations as well as single-unit facilities.Our platform is intuitive enough for anyone to set up and use, but we also offer comprehensive support to all,” Canter explained of the Club OS solution. “Whether you have a marketing team supporting your 20-club chain, or you are running a single-location facility, we’re here to help ensure your success.”Canter credits his lengthy experience across all sides of the fitness business with helping him and Club OS take these steps forward. Canter formerly worked with Sports Club LA, (now Equinox), Crunch Fitness, Exos, and Town Sports International.   “I’ve been on the vendor side, I’ve been on the operator side, and I think that perspective helps me,” Canter said. “Having held the operator role for years, I know what they need from a software and partner perspective, and am able to work with my team at Club OS to ensure we’re meeting those needs. The industry experience I’m bringing with me to Club OS, deepens the level of support our teams can provide to our clients.”  

Numbers Don’t Lie: Why Gyms Trust Club OS

It’s not difficult to find information that supports Canter’s words. On average, organizations utilizing Club OS see a 22% increase in conversion via their outreach methods compared to those who don’t use the platform. Text blastssaw a 20% return in campaigns to reacquire old members as well. 

“If you’re getting 100 leads in a month, to get 22 more of them to join your club, it’s a significant lift from a membership perspective,” Canter said. “Thousands of clubs use it (Club OS), many of them are using all the capabilities including our personal training and group exercise follow-up messaging, ancillary revenue programming, and notifications. It’s not just about helping them to add this member using Club OS, it’s about helping them to meaningfully engage with these clients, fostering long-term relationships, and building a community around their brand.” 

Aided by Canter, Club OS views the upcoming calendar year as a major growth opportunity, with some of the company’s most exciting launches in its history will begin to roll out in 2024. 

“I get little goosebumps on my arms when I think about what lies ahead. The next 12-18 months will be transformative for us,” Canter said. “What happens after that I can’t even imagine, but it’s going to be amazing.”  

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