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4 Reasons Why Your Gym Needs to Follow Up with Personal Training Clients

Posted by Club OS on Oct 18, 2022 2:10:56 PM

Personal Trainer Helping Client Do Push Ups

At the average U.S. gym, 42% of revenue comes from personal training. That means that if your club offers personal training, selling sessions to new members and selling more sessions to current clients is crucial to your bottom line. 

One of the most important components of successful personal training cross-selling and upselling is your follow-up process. Consistent and engaging follow-up communications help turn PT prospects into clients and PT clients into long-term customers. 

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why personal training follow-up is so important.

1. Build trust and rapport between your trainers and their clients. 

The personal trainer-client relationship is built on trust. If your trainers don’t follow up with their clients regularly, it sends the message that they aren’t invested in their progress or don’t care about their club experience. 

 One weekly email or text checking in on how their last session went can go a long way toward building lasting relationships with your members. It can also go a long way toward getting clients to refer other members to your PT program and refer non-members to your club. 

2. Increase your chances of keeping PT clients as long-term gym members. 

Clients who have a good relationship with one of your trainers are more likely to stay with your gym. This is for a few reasons. The first is that they’ve made a deeper connection with your community. The second is that they’re making strides toward their fitness goals.

Considering almost 65% of your business is going to come from repeat customers, spending the extra time to turn those clients into long-term members is worth it. 

3. Reduce cancellations.

Following up with personal training clients keeps them engaged. Check-in emails, reminder texts, promotional offers, and other communications can help keep them focused and motivated on their personal training journey. 

When members aren’t engaged in personal training, there’s a good chance they’ll either forget or choose not to renew their package. And once they stop working with one of your trainers, they’ll have even less of a reason to stay at your club.

4. Sell more personal training.

A common promotion among gyms is to offer new members a free intro session with a personal trainer when they first join. But how many of your members actually schedule and attend that session? And how many of them pay for more sessions after their free one? 

By continuing the conversation about personal training with members after they join or complete their intro session, you increase the chances of them buying PT services. Follow-up messaging is an opportunity for you to reiterate the value of personal training. It’s also an opportunity to encourage them not to put off their fitness goals any longer.

Learn the best practices for personal training follow-up.

Mastering the art of personal training follow-up takes time. But your gym can get ahead by using Club OS’s 5 Best Practices for Following Up with Personal Training Clients!  

Download our best practice list today and start seeing the difference in your revenue before you know it. 

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